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Store Hours Begin 4/21/19:


THURSDAY: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Custom Hats


Orders Placed BEFORE June 29, 2019: ETA 3-Month Completion Period

Orders Placed AFTER June 29, 2019: ETA 6-Month Completion Period

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Hat Tenders Launching May 1st!

Extend the life of your lid by storing it on your Hat Tender  when not in use on  vehicle seat.

Extend the life of your lid by properly storing it on your Hat Tender  when not in use. 

Fits on most vehicle seats. For additional use, bracket attachment is available for easy and convenient wall installation. ONLY $99.95 +tax! 

Standard Hat Works Styles Rock the Red Carpet at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards!


 Inside Edition Story on the mastermind behind the colorful hats that rocked the red carpet at Sunday's 60th annual Grammy Awards  

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