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Custom Hats

Custom Hats

We are open for business and going back to our regular store hours! Book your appointment online or over the phone! We are excited to see you.


THURSDAY: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

FRIDAY:10:00 am - 6:00 pm

SATURDAY: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Custom Hats

Custom Hats

Custom Hats


Since 1909, Standard Hat Works has been creating one of a kind, hand crafted felt hats.  We do it the old fashioned way, one at a time, by hand, to your measurements and specifications.  You can trust the workmanship and knowledge that has made SHW a legend for the last 100 years. 

How To Self-Measure for Your New Hat


For a guaranteed perfect fit, an in-store fitting is best! But in the event that is not possible, here is a how-to guide to self measure.  We need this in addition to your hat size if you know it.  

Men: Be sure your hair is cut to your preferred length.

Women: Be sure your hair is down, and if you have hair extensions they are in.

With a tailor's tape, measure around your head about 1 finger width above your brows and ears.  Don't pull too tight! Be sure it is comfortably around your head and the back is straight across, not drooping down.  Measure in inches down to the 1/16th.  Also, have someone look at the shape of your head from the top to determine of your head is more long oval, or symmetrically round.  You can of course use a camera for this as well, but it helps getting the most comfortable fit!

The Fast Hand by Cody Jinks


The Limited Edition Fast Hand by Cody Jinks is made right here at SHW. Only 25 to be made with Certificate of Authenticity. Includes custom hat box, hat liner, personalized and numbered, and autographed by Cody himself. 

Custom artwork by Zac "Lefty" Colbert

Latest News!

Tiny Might Layla Evetts

Texas Monthly November 2019

Texas Monthly November 2019


Local girl Layla (6) battling terminal brain cancer had A Fair to Remember at the 2019 HOT Fair and Rodeo, and we were so honored to meet her and help put a smile on her face! 

On February 27, 2020 Layla lost her battle with DIPG.  Although her life ended much too soon, she lived a full and wonderful life.  If you would like to donate for a cure in Layla's honor go to The Cure Starts Now !

Texas Monthly November 2019

Texas Monthly November 2019

Texas Monthly November 2019


We are so honored to be featured in the Style and Design Section of Texas Monthly! Check it out!

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