Guaranteed Fit

To ensure 100% fit, quality, and style we always encourage making an appointment to meet with us for a fitting.   The dimensional size, as well as the shape of your head, dictate how we make your hat and help us ensure a true custom fit. We have found that it is best to do the fitting in person.  If this is not a possibility, you can order your hat at our online store.   Please note that the estimated completion period for a custom hat is 6 months.  We have select colors in stock and can be purchased same day. 

What's Included

All hats include the fur body of your choice, silk hat liner, grosgrain ribbon hat band,  and a lambskin leather sweatband with your name stamped in gold leaf.  You will also receive a hat box for storage. 


We have 29 hat colors available, 5 colors of silk liners, and hundreds of ribbon in various colors and widths to choose from.  

When is comes to hat style, the options are endless!  From fedoras to western, you choose your brim width up to 5", crown height, and then all shaped by hand to your specifications to fit you and your style.  Your hat should be unique to your personality and we strive to make you YOUR hat.  

Hat Body Qualities and Pricing

  • The hat quality you choose is what determines the price of your hat, no matter the color and style.  Please note that the “Natural “ color is only available in the Silver  Beaver Blend or higher qualities. 
  • Bronze Fur Felt Hat  330+tax   

100% Rabbit Fur

  • Bronze Special Shag Felt Hat  350+tax 

 Blend of Rabbit/Beaver Long Hair with no finish

  • Silver Beaver Blend Felt Hat  505+tax

50/50 Blend of Rabbit and Beaver Fur  

  • Gold Pure Beaver Felt Hat  805+tax

100% Beaver Fur

  • Platinum Pure Beaver Belly Felt Hat  1650+tax

100% Beaver Belly for a softer texture

  • Diamond Mink/Beaver Blend Felt Hat  2500+tax

100% Mink and Beaver Belly for an even softer feel

  • Diamond Deluxe Chinchilla/Beaver Blend Felt Hat  3500+tax

100% Chinchilla and Beaver Belly for the softest texture and feel

Optional Add-Ons

  • Buckle Set Hat Band
  • Bound Edge Brim
  • Pencil Rolled Brim
  • Feathers
  • Feathered Hat Band
  • Vintage Ribbon Hat Band
  • Eyelets
  • Distressing